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"Tango for ordinary people... Tango for everybody"

Paloma & Maximiliano, native from Santiago – Chile, has been dancing together for 25 years. Since they were young, they share the passion for Argentine Tango as a heritage from their parents. They were formed in Chile and Buenos Aires, with many argentine masters. Based in Miami – Florida, USA, they have been touring through South, North America and part of Europe, teaching and performing in uncountable Casinos, Convention Centers, Hotels and TV shows. Invited to teach and perform in the biggest and the most renown Tango Festivals across US. They won the 2nd place in 2007 in the Worldwide Tango Championship in Buenos Aires and the 1st place in 2008 in the Trex Games TAFISA worldwide competition in South Korea. They define their style as a salon tango, developing their style like a permanent laboratory, experimenting the movement of the body from the simplicity of the life, convinced that the Tango dance is for everybody. It doesn't matter the age, the background or if you never danced before. Their teaching, it’s characterized as energetic, didactic and detailed. Focused on promote the argentine Tango and their culture around the world inspiring their students from the connection, the joy through the embrace, the improvisation between the couples and the love for the social dance. 
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